What I do

Hi, my name is Andrea K├╝hne.
I am a 3D/VFX Artist and (Motion) Graphics Designer based in New Zealand.
I love 3D modelling, illustrations, DIY, photography and travelling.
How can I help?

Best place to get an overview of the work I do and can offer is my Portfolio. Then there’s my personal Blog and some more 3D, VFX & Film projects as well as Digital Art & Design (2D & Illustration projects). To find out more about me you can go to the About section and if you like what you see, please Contact me :)


Great attention to detail and with a Master degree from one of the world-best Universities for VFX and Animation (plus a first-class Bachelor degree in Multimedia Production).


Flexible in place and time, style and tools, I can offer a wide range of medial content, no matter if it is purely graphics or live action or a combination of it.


Aiming to create unique products for my clients which are both inventive and true to their corporate identity – working as closely with you as you like.


Knowledge & experience in a wide field of multimedia production: VFX, 3D, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Audio-/Video-Editing, Photography, Filming and Corporate, Graphic and Web Design