Andrea Kühne

My name is Anni (short for Andrea) Kühne, I am a 3D/VFX Artist and (Motion) Graphics Designer and I’d love to work for you!

I am currently located in beautiful New Zealand. I moved to the UK a few years back to study MA Digital Effects at the NCCA (Bournemouth University) due to its brilliant reputation and studied, worked and lived there for almost four years. Subsequently I traveled to New Zealand for a year, a country which fascinated me since I was little.
I gained a first-class Bachelor degree in Multimedia Production when I lived in Kiel, Germany, which provided me with insight into different areas and a variety of skills including editing, audio and film production, 3D and compositing, web design and informatics, journalism, conception of interactive media and many more. During that time I was lucky enough to create some very sophisticated and manifoldly awarded projects (mainly 3D animation) together with my project partner Benjamin Viethen.

You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”

George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

  • I am a 30-years-old travel enthusiast with many interests (and ambitions).
  • I couldn’t live without music (mainly rock, 80s) and re-discovered musicals for me. I enjoy a good play, musicals, a good movie, a concert.
  • I have a shelf full of travel books and can’t wait to explore more of this world – it has so much to offer.
  • Apart from (work related) 3D modelling and illustrations I enjoy photography, singing (though only for the shower), sewing, baking, drawing, hiking and gardening. I like DIY projects as you can create something unique and creative with little money.
  • I also play the guitar though nowhere near as good as I would like to.
  • My friends are very important to me and I love spending time with them, no matter what we end up doing. I love cooking with friends, best when we’re so many that it all ends up in a chaos (I usually don’t like chaos though – German predisposition :)).
  • I like humour. I love to laugh. I like the sound of the Spanish language. I like the smell of rain after a long hot day. I like cosiness. I like nature, lying in the grass and reading a book.

MA Digital Effects at Bournemouth University, NCCA, UK
BA Multimedia Production at University of Applied Sciences in Kiel, Germany

When Christmas Comes Around
Dr. Hans-Hoch Award for Media Art | 1. prize
DiWiSH Media Award
Final Cut
Dr. Hans-Hoch Award for Media Art | 3. prize
DiWiSH Media Award
SGK – Sometimes Fairy Tales Become True
DiWiSH Media Award
A Little Town Festival
Selected as official promotional film in 2011/12 by the City of Kiel
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