A Little Town Festival

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A Little Town Festival

The tilt-shift video “A Little Town Festival” evolved from an elective course “Kieler Woche Online Team”.

The film shows many different aspects of the happenings around the largest summer festival in northern Europe. While Kieler Woche is the greatest sailing event in the world many visitors come to Kiel to enjoy music, food and entertainment – parts of the festival which are portrayed in this video.
My project partners and I used two DSLRs (Nikon D90 and Canon 60D) and climbed onto the highest points in Kiel to capture the happening from above – the best perspective for tilt-shift videos.

The post-production, including applying the blurred edges for the tilt-shift feeling, were done in After Effects.

The film was used for marketing purposes afterwards, serving as Kiel’s official promotional film in 2011/12.

Soundtrack of this project is How can you be so sad by Swiss singer/songwriter Bryyn.

Stephan and I worked on another “Kieler Woche Online Team” project together: Gesichter der Kieler Woche/Faces of Kieler Woche (slideshow-video; low quality).

Bachelor | 6.semester | 2011
René Raab
Stephan Sobiesinsky
Nikon D90 & Canon 60D
Premiere | Adobe
After Effects | Adobe
Selected as official promotional film in 2011/12 by the City of Kiel