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OSCAR (short for Ola, Stian, Chris, Arihant, Andrea and Roberto) was our VFX group project during MA Digital Effects and took place in term 2. Since we were all fascinated by the disintegration effect in films like X-Men (The Last Stand – Xavier’s death) and Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows 2 – Voldemort’s death) we decided to design our project around our own interpretation of decomposition and disintegrating effects and weave into a brief storyline.

The piece is about a young man taking pills to commit suicide. While he is continually getting weaker and finally collapses, everything around him seems to die with him. Paint is peeling from the walls, glass is shattering, a guitar is bursting.

The topic of the project as well as the choice of effects were left to the group to choose in order to demonstrate that we are able to work as a team, communicate and develop a project from concept to final piece, work towards milestones and meet strict deadlines. It should improve our own skill set and our ability to evaluate our achievements and potential. As in all projects at BU photorealism was key – as well as our aim to create something impossible, exceptional and beautiful.

We mainly used Houdini to create this dreamlike environment, focussing on rigid body dynamics. Nuke was used for compositing, Photoshop for textures. I was in charge of modelling various items (vase, remote control, ash tray, clock, glass ware) as well as texture some of these items. Furthermore I was responsible for the VFX on the glass ware (wine glass, decanter, clock) and for compositing the main pan shot in collaboration with Stian. I was furthermore responsible for the HDRI creation, managing and directing group presentations and other paper work as well as being in charge of shot-lists, continuity and other tasks on set.

Our group dynamics was absolutely positive throughout the whole process. Everyone was very obliging and collegial and worked keenly on the assigned tasks.

Soundtrack of this project is Short Change Hero by The Heavy. In an alternative version it is Freedom from the Django Unchained Soundtrack.

Master | 2.term | 2012/13
Ola Hamletsen
Stian Halvorsen
Chris Chamberlain
Arihant Gupta
Rob Rodricks
Houdini | Side Effects
Nuke | Foundry
PF Track | Pixelfarm
Photoshop | Adobe