SGK – Sometimes Fairy Tales Become True

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SGK – Sometimes Fairy Tales Become True

SGK is a fictional advertisement for an imaginary car and was created in the 5. semester of my Bachelor studies.
The concept for the ad combines various characteristics and features of the vehicle such as driving enjoyment (Fahrspaß), ecology (Ökologie), safety (Sicherheit) and elegance (Eleganz) and is framed by a pop-up storybook with the strapline: Sometimes fairy tales become true (Manchmal werden Märchen wahr).

The project was developed during an elective subject focussing on After Effects though since my project partner and I both love 3D we decided to create the whole ad digitally instead of relying on filmed stock footage. Everything apart from car and engine was modelled in 3ds Max. Textures were created from scratch using Illustrator and Photoshop and compositing and grading as well as the (minimalistic) effects such as lens flairs, particle effects and glows were realised using After Effects. My focus lay on modelling, texture creation and animation (bridge, bits of the page turns etc).

The concept for ‘SGK’ was inspired by the magic of pop-up-books – they appear to be ordinary objects at first but bear something extraordinary within. We’ve striven to create a singular world, enhancing the main features of this ‘exceptional’ car – to be fun, eco-friendly, safe and elegant in absolutely any environment, no matter how particular it might be.

Soundtrack of this project is Jump The Gun by Danish singer Tim Christensen (singer, guitarist and songwriter of Danish band Dizzy Miss Lizzy).

The time frame for the project spanned only a few weeks from concept to final output.

Bachelor | 5.semester | 2010/11
Benjamin Viethen
3ds Max | Autodesk
After Effects | Adobe
Illustrator | Adobe
Photoshop | Adobe
DiWiSH Media Award