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EDIT: I am currently working on regrading my Master project and will upload it to this page as soon as I can. The current version can be viewed in my showreel.

Singularity – my Digital Effects Master Project at NCCA. It is a short visual effects piece about the destruction of the Pavilion in Bournemouth town centre, taking place in a reverse manner. Starting with a variety of small pieces of rock forming back together and rising up, more and more parts of the building are put into shape again in order to form a complete and undestroyed building.

The focus of the project was to reveal the beauty of (reverse) destruction, showing both details and the progress of the reconstruction in its entirety. For the realisation both Houdini and Nuke were used, along with Mari and Photoshop for texturing purpose. Furthermore filmed acquisition footage was added to the project, in order to increase the feeling of a post-apocalyptical scenery.

Before and after, Shot 01

The project was originally realised in a group of two, what you’ll find here is simply my contribution; solely the first shot of this version of Singularity was developed in collaboration with my project partner.

The process from the distorted raw footage to the final output comprised many different steps. Mari and Photoshop were used to create convincing textures and displacement maps for bricks, debris and set extension, PFTrack to undistort and track the shots.

Before and after, Shot 02

Houdini served as core software for multiple tasks. Mainly for incorporated digital effects (RBD – prefractured and dynamic using both Bullet and RBD solver, pyro and particles), and modelling (dummy geometry, set extension) but also for lighting, texturing, 3D projection and rendering. The compositing was realised in Nuke, including sky replacements, keying, rotoscoping, colour correction and grading, HDRI creation as well as integration of acquisition footage.

Before and after, Shot 03

Soundtrack of this project is Birth of Sandman from the OST Spiderman 3.
The full breakdown can be found in the second part of the video above.

Master | 4.term | 2013
Arihant Gupta (first shot only)
Houdini | Side Effects
Nuke | Foundry
Mari | Foundry
PF Track | Pixelfarm
Photoshop | Adobe