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The video ‘Splashlight’ is the result of my signature shot project at Bournemouth Uni. My aim was to create a visually pleasing piece which shows the beauty of a bursting bulb in slow motion (partly) and the interaction of glass and paint with the environment.

The purpose of this project was to pick, practise and experiment with a certain VFX technique or the combination of different techniques. It aimed at expanding our ability to autonomously get head around problems we faced; the result were unique projects with very different approaches throughout the class.

I decided to strengthen and expand my knowledge of Houdini’s RBD and combine it with fluid simulations. Geometry light and emission were used to create mysterious, luminous paint illuminating the otherwise gloomy environment.

The project was mostly realised in Houdini and Nuke, using Houdini as tool to create the dummy geometry of the environment, modelling and texturing the bulb (textures in Photoshop, Mari), lighting the scenery and for RBD (pre-fractured) and fluid (FLIP) simulations. Nuke served for compositing purposes including day-to-night conversion, grading and HDRI creation.

From raw background-plate (HDR) to finished project.

Soundtrack of this project is Red Paper Lanterns by British band Maybeshewill.
The full breakdown can be found in the second part of the video above.

Master | 3.term | 2013
Houdini | Side Effects
Nuke | Foundry
Mari | Foundry
Photoshop | Adobe